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Frequently Asked Questions

What you might be wondering about...

What racing-specific equipment is needed?

Next to all common ski gear, a crash helmet is required for the racer’s safety, as well as a chin guard for slalom. The helmet needs to follow NJSRA Regulations. Both things can be purchased online or in a ski/equipment shop. A race suit is provided by the school during the season. Hand guards are recommended for slalom, but not required. Racers do not have to buy race skis, as long as their skis are in good/safe condition. When a higher level of skill is reached, a racer might benefit from using race-type-specific skis, like slalom and giant-slalom skis. These can also be rented for a season at local shops.

What skill level is needed?

No prior racing experience is needed. It is highly recommended that new racers already possess a good amount of skiing experience, for the safety of themself and others.


Where does the team train?

There were some changes made to where we train as a team. We are now at Blue Mountain and Winter4Kids. The races will take place there, as well as on Mountain Creek and Mount Peter.